BioNTech Diagnostics

About BioNTech Diagnostics

BioNTech AG develops highly innovative therapies and diagnostics for the tailored treatment of cancer and other diseases with unmet medical need. Together with its subsidiaries, BioNTech unifies competencies, innovations and products under one strategic umbrella.

BioNTech Diagnostics is a fully-owned subsidiary company within the BioNTech AG Group. The ISO 9001/13485 certified company has extensive product and service offerings ranging from biomarker discovery and validation through molecular screening assays, patient stratification and companion diagnostics to clinical monitoring, all to international regulatory standards. Early detection of diseases that have a high mortality rate and the appropriate selection of therapies are crucial for a successful treatment of patients. BioNTech Diagnostics’ mission is to provide new and innovative diagnostic tests to extend lives of patients, improve their quality of life and support the use of appropriate therapy for each individual patient.